Skincare Basics

 Why and how does our skin get dry, stressed and uncomfortable?

Quite simply, our skin is vulnerable to everyday activities and the environment.  It's the everyday wear and tear -- hand washing, exposure to the elements, working with drying materials, cold temperatures and more --  that damages the top layers of the skin. Washing hands with regular soaps also washes away some of your skin's natural moisture barrier, leaving skin feeling rough and uncomfortable.      The top layers actually become stiff, dry and brittle -- and then very quickly become cracked and damaged.  Think of it as mini-abrasions to the skin's surface, exposing the newer layers of skin right below before they are ready. The result? Your skin can't replenish or replace the damaged surface layers with healthy cells from below because these cells have now they  become damaged also.      

To return dry and damaged skin to a normal, hydrated state, we need to do two things: immediately increase the moisture levels, driving restorative nutrients down to the newly developing skin cells; while also providing a protective barrier on the surface to prevent further damage and deterioration to the outermost exposed layers of skin.      

The combination of ingredients in McBlooms creams immediately soften and hydrate the dry and damaged surface layer and also provides a barrier to seal in moisture to prevent further damage to the surface of the skin, allowing the new cells below the surface to mature, restoring skin to a comfortable, healthy state.

Our Philosophy

At McBlooms we believe skin care should be simple, effective and luxurious.

We believe in making exceptional skin care products that really work.

We believe that using natural garden-fresh and organic ingredients is simply the best formula for healthy, glowing skin.

And we believe that every woman deserves a little luxury in her busy day. Naturally.

How I started McBlooms

Many years ago --  about fifteen to be exact -- I began to notice with great interest that there was much “buzz” about gardening – how it was one of North America’s favourite pastimes. In fact, from single pots on balconies to bountiful country gardens, more than 75% of North American households had “gardens".

The more interesting fact to me, however, was that the most avid new gardeners were better educated, higher income earning women*; and the busiest people seemed to be the ones most involved in gardening.* I had a hunch that these busy women who took care of their gardens also took care of themselves.

With this in mind, I set about developing a line of “after garden” body care products to address the needs of the avid gardener – to cleanse and soothe hands made rough and dry from gardening – “to care for the gardener as effectively as she cares for herself.”

After many months of research and consumer testing, we launched our first products – a gentle but effective cleanser, an incredibly emollient, wonderfully protective hand cream, and a soothing, herbal body wash – all with a special promise to be “pure pleasure in your busy day.”

And so McBlooms Skin Therapy, the gardener’s little secret, was born. From those early days, we found that as one satisfied gardener shared McBlooms with another and then they told another, and so on, our brand grew. Soon, our products were no longer used just after gardening, but all day every day -- winter, spring, summer and fall.

In all this time, our customers have been our best – and almost only – form of advertising. And McBlooms has blossomed into the cult favourite natural skin care line of women in the know – of women who look after their skin.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy exploring our website -- maybe shop on-line or, with our store locator, the fine McBlooms retailers near you. Take the opportunity to try McBlooms one day soon!

Thank you for letting me share my story with you.

Best wishes,


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